How to connect Tapo sensors on the Kasa App?

Please follow these steps to connect the Tapo sensors via the Kasa App:

  1. Go to the Kasa app and tap the ‘KH100 Smart Hub’ to open it.
Kasa App Connect Tapo Sensor 1
  1. Add a new device to your hub by accessing the ‘Connected Devices’ tab on the Kasa app.

Kasa App Connect Tapo Sensor 2

  1. Tap the + icon to select the device and wait to pair it successfully.

Please note: the list of compatible Tapo devices with the Kasa app are as follows:

Smart Sensor

  • Tapo T100
  • Tapo T110
  • Tapo T300
  • Tapo T310
  • Tapo T315

Smart Switch

  • Tapo S200B

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