Tapo T110 Twin Pack Smart Contact Sensor Add-On, Window/Door Safeguard

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  • Window/Door Safeguard - Monitors the opening & closing of windows, doors, cabinets, the fridge, or the mailbox in real time.
  • Instant App Notification - Is your parcel locked away? Find out immediately with instant notifications.
  • Smart Action Support - Connect the actions with other smart devices for a welcome return home.
  • Easy Installation - Mount to nearly any surface with included 3M adhesive.
  • Great Compatibility - Just one part of the integrated Tapo ecosystem.
  • Tapo Hub Required – The Tapo Hub is required to support all smart features. Tapo H100 or Tapo H200 (sold separately).
  • It is compatible with Kasa Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT (Kasa Apps).

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