Solar Panel Camera Dock, Tapo A201

SKU: Tapo A201
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  • Works with Tapo Battery Cameras: Compatible with all Tapo Battery Cameras, enabling your Tapo battery camera to protect you all year round.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Install it separately with a 4m / 13 ft extra-long cable or alongside the camera, empowering you to discover optimal spots for seamless monitoring.
  • Non-Stop Power Supply: Enjoy a non-stop power supply with high-efficiency solar charging. You need only 45 minutes of standard sunlight a day to keep your cameras working.
  • High-Efficiency Solar Cells: Made of premium monocrystalline silicon cells, Tapo A201 captures abundant solar energy and converts into electric energy efficiently.
  • IP65 Weatherproof: Keep your solar panel durable from rain and dust with IP65 weatherproof.
  • Flexible Light Capture: Mount your solar panel on the wall or roof and adjust its angle flexibly to capture enough sunlight with an angle-adjustable bracket.

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