KE100 Triple Pack Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve Add-on, Supports Kasa App

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  • Precise Temperature Control - Get the right temperature whenever you want it.
  • Schedule & Timer - Make sure it is as hot as you need with presets and schedules that suit your life.
  • Voice Control - Hands-free control that syncs with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri ShortCuts.
  • Frost Protection - Keep your pipes unfrozen and your house safe.
  • Ultra-Long Standby - Works with lot hub, promising longer battery life (over one year).
  • Up to 32 Radiators – Each hub can connect and manage up to 32 radiators.
  • Carefully Check Compatibility – Fits on most radiator valve body thread (M30x1.5) and the three adapters(RA, RAV & RAVL) included in the package.
  • Kasa Hub KH100 is required for all smart features. Please click KE100 KIT to learn more.
  • Kasa APP Requirements: Version 3.1.4 on IOS or Version 3.1.1 on Android
KE100 KIT Datasheet >>
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