Floodlight Camera, 2K QHD

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  • 2800-Lumen Ultra-Bright Floodlight: Tapo C720's powerful, fully adjustable floodlight and color night vision sees up to 30 feet away, so you can sleep soundly knowing your surroundings are safe.
  • 2K QHD Live View: No blind spots, only sharp details. See every inch of your home with the wide 150° field of view, enhanced by the high-definition 2K QHD resolution.
  • Motion-Activated Floodlight: With hawk-like precision in darkness, C720 detects transient motions, activating a floodlight over a sweeping 270° area.
  • Adjustable Floodlight Control: From setting schedules to adjusting brightness and activation triggers, the Tapo app is your one-stop shop for smart floodlight customization.
  • Smart AI Detection: Smart AI tells moving people, pets, and cars apart, silencing false alarms and keeping your inbox clear of irrelevant activity notifications.
  • Set Custom Alarms: Record a custom warning or sound a high-pitched alarm to scare off intruders the moment motion is detected.
  • Local or Cloud Storage: Save and store footage locally on a microSD card* (up to 512 GB) or access recordings anytime, anywhere with Tapo Care cloud storage.**
  • Activity Zones: Smart zones, smarter alerts. Get instant alerts when something happens in your customized activity zones.
  • IP65 Weatherproof: Braves the elements, rain or shine. Built to withstand all types of weather the outdoors throws your way.