Tapo T315 Smart Temperature & Humidity Monitor, Twin pack

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  • Real-Time & Accurate Monitoring - Detects real-time temperature and humidity with great accuracy. (Measurement Accuracy: ±0.54 ºF, ±3% RH).
  • 2.7" E-ink Display - Indicates temperature & humidity, comfort level with facial expressions, battery condition, and signal.
  • Home Automation - Automatically turn on/off home electronics (e.g. heater, fan, humidifier and more) to maximize conform and save energy.
  • Instant App Notification - Receive app alert notification when conditions fall outside preset range.
  • Free Data Storage & Visual Graphs - Record temperature and humidity data and generate periodic data summary.
  • Flexible Installation- Just place it on the desk or mount it on the wall.
  • Tapo Hub Required – The Tapo Hub is required to support all smart features. Tapo H100 or Tapo H200 (sold separately).
  • It is compatible with Kasa Thermostatic Radiator Valve KE100 KIT (Kasa Apps).

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