Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve with Tapo Temperature Monitor T310

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  • Precise Temperature Control - Get the right temperature whenever you want it.
  • Schedule & Timer - Make sure it is as hot as you need with presets and schedules that suit your life.
  • Voice Control - Hands-free control that syncs with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri ShortCuts.
  • Frost Protection - Keep your pipes unfrozen and your house safe.
  • Ultra-Long Standby - Works with lot hub, promising longer battery life (over one year).
  • Up to 32 Radiators – Each hub can connect and manage up to 32 radiators.
  • Kasa Hub KH100 Included - Simply replace your old radiator valve with Kasa and get started right away. 
  • Carefully Check Compatibility – Fits on most radiator valve body thread (M30x1.5) and the three adapters(RA, RAV & RAVL) included in the package.
  • Kasa APP Requirements: Version 3.1.4 on IOS or Version 3.1.1 on Android
  • Real-Time & Accurate Monitoring - Detects real-time temperature and humidity with great accuracy. (Measurement Accuracy: ±0.54 ºF, ±3% RH).
  • 2.7" E-ink Display - Indicates temperature & humidity, comfort level with facial expressions, battery condition, and signal.
  • Home Automation - Automatically turn on/off home electronics (e.g. heater, fan, humidifier and more) to maximize conform and save energy.
  • Instant App Notification - Receive app alert notification when conditions fall outside preset range.
  • Free Data Storage & Visual Graphs - Record temperature and humidity data and generate periodic data summary.
  • Flexible Installation- Just place it on the desk or mount it on the wall.
KE100 KIT Datasheet >>
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Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve with Tapo Temperature Sensor

Everyday Comfort and Savings

Tailored Heating

Set the perfect temperature for each room individually and zone your home’s heating. No more wasting energy on empty rooms.

Heat Your Rooms Automatically

Set heating schedules for each room based on your daily routine, saving energy and money on your energy bills.

Warm on Arrival

With the free Geofencing feature, your home will heat up when you are on the way home. Set your desired range, from 100 meters to 2 kilometers, and you can always walk into a suitably cozy home.

Control from Anywhere

Control all your radiators in your home from your phone. No more guessing if you left the heater on in an empty room.

Hands Free Control

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to fine-tune your home’s temperature. No need to get up from the sofa or move a finger.

Better with the Tapo Sensor

No need for additional apps or hubs, simply connect the Tapo smart sensor to your Kasa Smart Hub in the Kasa Smart App to enhance your smart heating.

External Temperature Sensor

Supports external temperature sensors like Tapo T310 and Tapo T315 and enjoy precise temperature control in any part of the room, as your TRV automatically adjusts based on readings from these sensors, not just around the radiator.

Open Window Detection

Automatically turns off the heating and activates Frost Protection when the connected contact sensor (Tapo T110) is triggered. This helps you save energy and keep your house safe.

Temperature Monitor



Humidity Monitor






Real-time Accuracy


Refresh every 2s